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Food you can trust. Naturally.

The Honest Bison was founded on one very simple truth: we believe everyone deserves access to food they can trust. When we realized just how hard it was to find unprocessed, humanely raised, quality meats in today’s markets, The Honest Bison was born.

We started out with just 100% grassfed bison but have since branched out to include a curated selection of other high-quality meats as well. As we continue to expand, our mission still remains the same – to bring trust back into today’s food system.

Our truths.


We believe everyone deserves to know exactly where their food comes from: how it’s raised, how it’s processed, what’s in it and who’s handling it. We follow our meat every step along the way and know everyone involved personally. And we will always answer any questions you have honestly.


Everything we do starts from a place of respect - for our animals, our land, our partners, our customers and ourselves. Our holistic approach to ranching helps replenish the lands naturally and allows the animals to roam freely in large, grass pastures. Our animals are always treated humanely, in both life and the slaughter process.


Our meats are processed as minimally as possible to allow the natural flavors and nutrients of the animals to remain intact. Any ingredients we add are real, whole foods and are always clearly labeled.

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A holistic approach to ranching.

All of our grazing partners follow a holistic management style of ranching. This means that the animals and pastures are managed as a whole, mimicking the patterns of nature and eliminating the need for fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other chemically-enhanced farming practices. This allows the earth to replenish itself naturally, prevents overgrazing and helps keep harmful substances out of our food, land and water sources.

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Nature knows best.

We believe in feeding our animals a diet as close to their natural eating and grazing patterns as possible. We don’t add grains or soy fillers, nor do we send them to a feedlot to fatten them up just before slaughter. We simply let nature guide us. This results in a much leaner, healthier meat for you and a much more enjoyable life for these majestic animals.


Much like bison in the wild, our animals are free to roam in open pastures, happily grazing on native grasses all day long. They are 100% grassfed from start to finish.


Our elk are farm-raised but free to forage as they would naturally, eating a combination of native grasses, shrubs, leaves, wild grains, bark and berries.


Our venison are farm-raised but free to forage as they would naturally, eating a combination of native grasses, shrubs, leaves, wild grains, bark and berries.

No feedlots

No unnecessary antibiotics

No added hormones

Meet our grazing partners.

Our grazing partners have been carefully selected not just because of their incredible lands and beautiful animals but because they believe in all the same things we do. Together, we work to make sure our meat is always raised and processed according to our mutually high standards.

777 Bison Ranch, South Dakota

Located in the prairies of South Dakota, 777 Bison Ranch has been in the Hillenbrand family for over 40 years and a working bison ranch for the last 30. Their animals are 100% grassfed and are raised holistically, sustainably and humanely. Beyond how the animals are raised, they believe, as we do, in treating the land, the animals, and the people that work with them with the greatest respect.

THB Grasslands, Wisconsin

The Honest Bison Grasslands is our very own 50-acre ranch located in the quaint small town of Cadott, Wisconsin. The ranch is home to a small herd of very happy, 100% grassfed bison and is run according to holistic ranching and grazing techniques.

Stangel Ranch, Oregon

The Stangels come from a long line of farmers and ranchers and are no strangers to hard work. They’ve been providing the Pacific Northwest with 100% grassfed and finished bison since 1987 and take great pride in their holistic approach to ranching, the humane treatment of their animal and the high-quality of their meats.

The benefits of grassfed bison.

There are a lot of reasons why grassfed bison is better for you. For starters, bison are naturally designed to digest grasses and absorb the nutrients. So, when their system works properly, ours does too. Grassfed bison is naturally much leaner and higher in protein than most other meats—including beef. It also has fewer calories, less cholesterol, more iron, and a higher ratio of healthy fatty acids like Omega-3. It’s what we like to call a super-meat.

Animals that are free to graze openly in grass pastures are also less likely to get sick than animals confined to close quarters like feedlots, reducing the need for antibiotics.


Bison Meat

Honest words from our community.

Your trust means everything to us. These are honest reviews from verified customers that were collected via a trusted third-party source. No one was compensated for writing one and we hope they help give you a taste (pun intended) of what to expect from us.



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