butcher box with bison

Butcher Box + The Honest Bison

Bringing quality grassfed meat to more people.

By now you probably know that there’s nothing we love more than partnering with people that share our passion for bringing high-quality food to people. Well, we recently became involved with a wonderful company called ButcherBox that’s doing exactly that!

Their successful Kick Starter Campaign is proof that the sustainable meat industry is growing fast. (If you haven’t seen their campaign, check out the video below or click here!). Though their focus is primarily on grassfed beef, they have been offering sample sizes of our bison in their current boxes to gauge interest. We fully support what they’re doing and encourage you to give it a try. After all, as much as we’d love it, we know you can’t eat our bison ALL the time. We hope to become a permanent ButcherBox offering so if you’re already a subscriber, make sure you tell them how much you loved your Honest Bison sample. If you aren’t a member yet, well, what are you waiting for?!?

Learn more about ButcherBox by watching the video below or sign up here!

ButcherBox KickStarter Video:

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