honest bison faq


What does your bison eat?

Our bison are 100% grassfed, which means they are fed only grass from the time they are born until the time they are harvested. We never feed them grains or soy and don’t give them any growth hormones. They may occasionally ingest a bug or two while they’re grazing but hey, a little extra protein never hurt anyone.


Is your bison meat certified organic?

Yes our meat is organic. However, USDA Organic certification is fairly expensive and does not add to the value of our meat (it would raise the retail price significantly). Our products and processes have been certified by the following organizations: Paleo Approved and Whole30.


Where are your bison raised?

Our bison are currently all raised on a family-run ranch in Cadott, Wisconsin. For more about how our bison are raised, click here.


Can I eat your bison meat if I am following a Paleo, Primal or Whole30 plan?

Yes! Grassfed bison is an amazing source of lean protein and is perfect for any Paleo, Primal or Whole30 plan. In fact, bison were actually around during the Paleolithic era making them authentically paleo—not to mention delicious.

*Please note, our bison jerky and bratwurst are not Paleo or Whole30 approved because of a few additional ingredients.


Will eating your bison make my Fran time faster?

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that eating our bison will make you faster or stronger. However, it is a good source of lean protein and protein helps build muscles.


I’m hungry! How can I order some of your bison meat?

Great! Neither you or your stomach will regret this tasty decision. Click here to place an online order now or contact us directly.


I’m not sure which cut to buy. What’s good?

All the cuts are delicious but what to buy really depends on what you want to make. For more info about each cut click here.


How do I cook bison anyway?

Cooking bison is very similar to cooking beef however because it has less fat, it should be cooked at a lower heat and for less time than beef. For more tips on how to cook bison and some mouth-watering recipes, Click here.


Can I buy other parts of the animal like the bones or hide?

We have an amazing combo pack of bones that are delicious and amazing for making nourishing bone broths. In the future we hope to be able to make the whole animal available. Please contact us directly if you have specific needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.


Where can I sample your meat?

Our meat is currently available for purchase on our website and through Amazon Fresh and Out of the Box Collective in Southern California. If you are a restaurant owner or chef that would like to carry our bison meat, please contact us for a private tasting.


Do you sell wholesale for restaurants/catering purposes?

Yes! We currently have a wholesale program set up but we are always interested in serving our meat at local restaurants. If you are a restaurant owner or chef that would like to carry our bison meat, please contact us directly.


Does the meat come fresh or frozen?

Our meat is always shipped frozen in dry ice. Unfortunately, due to our current logistics setup, we cannot provide fresh shipments of our meat.


What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is complicated when you’re dealing with frozen meat. We’ve explored various methods and partners in order to find the most cost-effective reliable process.

Standard Shipping:
Standard shipping to the 48 continental states is $18.95 regardless of how much meat you order. These orders are shipped on Monday and Tuesday and depending on your distance from Wisconsin are delivered on the following FRIDAY or SATURDAY. This means you should expect your order to arrive within 5-10 days depending on when you ordered.

Expedited Shipping:
If you are starving or planning an event and would like your order to arrive sooner, we have several expedited shipping options:

FAST: $26.95 (Generally arrives in 2 days unless it’s over a weekend)
FASTER: $46.95 (Generally arrives the next day depending on what time/day you order.)


Why is there a $150 minimum order?

Because our bison must be packed in dry ice and shipped in temperature-controlled vehicles, shipping can get pricey. In order to make it more affordable, we require a $150 minimum order. (There’s no maximum though so the more you buy, the cheaper shipping gets!)


What is your return/refund policy?

If you are not happy with your order within 3 days of receiving it please contact us and we will make it right.