bison on Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh now delivering The Honest Bison!

Yep. You read that right. Thanks to a local Southern California service, Out Of The Box Collective, you can now get your Honest Bison fix via Amazon Fresh! We are offering several of our most popular steaks as well as 1 lb packs of ground bison.

NOTE: You must be a current Amazon Fresh customer in San Fernando Valley, LA County, Orange County or San Diego in order to purchase. Of course, if you live outside these areas, you can always order directly from us online!

How to order from Amazon Fresh:

  1. Go to Amazon Fresh and log into your account.
  2. Search for Out Of The Box Collective under “Local Merchants.”
  3. Look for our 100% grassfed bison under “Meat & Seafood”
  4. Get excited for your delivery!

We’re excited to offer you another way to purchase our products and we hope to expand this service to more areas in the future!