How To Save Money on Meat Without Sacrificing Quality

At The Honest Bison, we take pride in offering delicious, grass-fed, and regeneratively raised meats to our customers. But we also understand that during challenging economic times, finding ways to save money is equally important. And these days, everyone is looking for ways to trim their budget wherever possible. In this article, we share 5 practical tips for how to save money on meat without sacrificing quality. We hope this helps you eat well and still be mindful of your budget.

1. Look for the best deals on meat.

Many online meat distributors, including The Honest Bison, frequently run seasonal sales and limited-time promotions to offer customers exceptional value. This helps the companies clear up space for incoming inventory and lets customers stock up for less. For example, you can always find great prices on a variety of cuts on our Plentiful Provisions page — these are cuts we have too many of due to seasonal supply and demand fluctuations. Cuts on this page are often more than 25% less than the retail price and new products are added all the time.

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2. Buy your meat in bulk.

If you have space in your freezer, consider buying larger, bulk quantities of meat. Many companies will offer discounts, reduced per-pound pricing, and lower shipping fees for larger bulk orders. If you don’t see anything on the website, contact the company directly to ask — they may have options.

You can also consider sharing a larger order with friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. This can help reduce the cost of shipping by splitting it amongst the group.

When you receive your bulk order, storing the meat properly is important to ensure freshness. Consider investing in a quality vacuum sealer to portion and freeze the meat for future use. This will ensure it stays fresh until you’re ready to use it!

Tips for freezing Meat:

  • Use airtight containers or freezer bags to prevent freezer burn.
  • Label each package with the date and cut for easy identification.
  • Write cooking instructions on the package to save time later
  • Prep bulk freezer-friendly meals for quick and easy cooking

3. Look for combo or variety packs.

Combo and variety packs are designed to offer additional convenience and savings to customers. These packs usually include a range of cuts and flavors, allowing you to explore different culinary possibilities. By purchasing a combo or variety pack like our Chef’s Boxes, you can save money when compared to buying individual cuts separately. Again, you could consider sharing these packs with friends or family to split the cost and reduce expenses.

4. Sign up for recurring subscriptions.

Just like combo or variety packs, recurring subscriptions usually offer customers a discount on the price of the meats and sometimes even offer free shipping. There is also the added convenience of knowing that your meat will arrive at set intervals so you can plan ahead and cross another thing off your to-do list.

Our Seasonal Subscription Boxes are delivered each quarter and contain a curated mix of the best cuts of that season — at a substantial discount. You can expect anywhere from $75 – $150 off the cost of retail with this quarterly subscription plus exclusive access to limited run cuts.

We also recently introduced a Ground Meats subscription option which will help keep your freezer stocked on this tasty, versatile basic at roughly 20% less than the retail per pound price!

5. Strategically meal plan and prep ahead.

Meal planning is a valuable practice that helps minimize waste and stretch your meats as far as they can go. Before placing an order with us, take some time to plan your meals for the week or month. Consider what you’ll make with each cut and what additional ingredients will be required to make each one. Be sure to include a range of meals, with some using more basic, budget-friendly cuts — like ground bison meat or a chuck roast that will create more meals for your money — and higher-end cuts like steaks that are more of a treat. By planning ahead, you can ensure that no meat goes to waste and every meal is enjoyed to the fullest.

With these savvy strategies, you can now navigate the challenging economy while still enjoying premium food that fuels your body and aligns with your values, like our naturally grazed and regeneratively raised meats. We hope you find this article how to save money on meat without sacrificing quality helpful. Have additional tips? Let us know! 

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