bison rancher

VIDEO: Meet the ranchers behind The Honest Bison.

We believe everyone has the right to know exactly where their food comes from. Not the grocery store where it was purchased, but rather where it was picked, cooked, baked, sliced, steamed, roasted, grilled and packaged. Or in our case, where it was raised.


Think about it. Eating is one of the most important – and intimate – things we do. Three times a day (or more) we put something in our bodies that we hope is good for us and that we think will help us live long, healthy lives. But most of the time we don’t actually know anything about what we are eating. Truly knowing where your food comes from and creating a connection with the people responsible for bringing it to you is rare. And while we can’t bring every single one of you to our ranch (we wish we could), we made this video so we could show you the ranch where our bison are raised and introduce you to the people who raise them.


One more important thing before you watch: we stand behind our mission to always be 100% transparent so if you EVER have any questions about our meat, the process, the ranch, our animals, etc., just ask us.


See the ranch and meet the ranchers: