Honest Bison shipping

The skinny on shipping.


Alright, this is an important one. We get a lot of questions about our shipping policy. Probably the most important one is “Ugh. Why does shipping cost SO much?” Fair question. Especially in today’s day and age when Amazon seems to deliver everything instantaneously – and for almost nothing. Here’s the short answer:

Shipping bison is not like shipping a t-shirt.

Now here’s the longer answer:

Shipping bison, a perishable and delicate food item, requires a lot more preparation, packaging, and care than a normal delivery. Because it’s frozen (and we want it to stay frozen), every shipment is packed in dry ice. Cool, right? But dry ice requires special handling (time) and costs more moolah. And as cool as dry ice is, it doesn’t stay frozen forever. So 4-day ground shipping service is the longest we feel comfortable using to guarantee that your delicious bison arrives on your doorstep still frozen. Do you really want to wait any longer to receive this delicious package anyway?

We know it may still seem expensive, so we’ve worked out a deal that we hope seems fair to all our customers:

1. We’re covering the packing fee, so you don’t have to. Normally this is a $40 fee. (That whole “dry ice” thing again.)

2. We’ve created a $150 minimum for ALL orders in so that we could get 4-day shipping down to $19.95 (FedEx Residential Ground)

$150!?!? (Yes, we heard that.) But it’s not actually that much when you think about it. If you generally spend $50-$75 a week on meat, this just saves you a trip or two to the store. And saves you the additional $18.95 it would cost if you made two separate orders. There’s also no maximum to how much you can order. So the more you order, the less you will ultimately pay for shipping.

Hopefully, this helps explain things a bit. If you have any other questions, please contact us directly.