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2015 Artisans of the Grasslands Conference

We are excited to announce that The Honest Bison will not only be a sponsor of this year’s Artisans of the Grasslands Conference, our bison will also be featured as part of Saturday’s dinner menu! Say what!?!


The event is organized by the Savory Institute and if you haven’t heard of them, check out their site. They are a global organization dedicated to restoring the world’s precious grasslands through holistic management – the same practice our ranchers use to raise our animals. Every year the organization brings leaders of the holistic management movement from around the world together for some mind-blowing, planet-changing, palate exploding talks and, of course, meals. This year the conference is being held in San Francisco.


After taking my first Holistic Management class in February 2012, I have made it my mission = to do everything I can to support this mission and the efforts of everyone trying to put this exceptionally efficient way of raising animals and using our land into practice.



We are honored to have our 100% grassfed bison on the featured menu. What exactly will we be serving you ask? Well, we thought it would be the perfect place to debut our special ground bison blend. This rich and unique blend of bison heart and liver, will be made into a delectable meatloaf like your mother has never tasted before.  The heart and liver blend will soon be available in our online store so stay tuned! And, of course, we’ll be sharing the recipe from this event on our Yummly Page so you can make it at home!


Conference details:

October 2-4, 2015, San Francisco, CA

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Speaker lineup:

Allan Savory   –   Anya Fernald   –   Birju Pandya   –   Brock Dolman

Brian Welch    –   Colin Seis    –   Courtney White   –   Dr. Cindy Daley

Dr. Richard Teague   –   Finian Makepeace   –   Fred Provenza    –   Haven Borque

Jared Stone   –   Jenni Harris   –   Jenny McGruther   –   Jodi Butterfield

Jonah Sachs   –   Judith Schwartz   –   Kat Taylor   –   Kelly Mulville

Nicolette Niman   –   Nora Gedgaudas   –   Precious Phiri   –   Ray Archuleta

Robb Wolf   –   Sally Fallon Morell   –   Dr. Sara Scherr   –   Seth Itzkan

Tom Newmark   –   Tony Malmberg   –   Will Harris   –   Woody Tasch

Andrea Malmberg   –   Byron Shelton   –   Chris Kerston   –   Tre Cates

Daniella Ibarra-Howell



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