Tender, delicately flavored grass-fed and pasture-raised lamb. Order our 100% grass-fed lamb meat online today and taste the difference quality makes.


100% grass-fed and pasture-raised, our lamb is from animals that have been naturally grazed in open, grassy pastures according to holistic ranching practices. They are never given grains, hormones, or antibiotics — nor do they spend any time in a feedlot.

Pasture raised in Western Oregon.

We work closely with our Grazing Partners to ensure each and every animal is raised according to the highest possible standards. 

Our grass-fed Lamb comes from a collective of ranchers in the lush hills and valleys of Western Oregon. Known as Umpqua Valley Lamb, they are committed to providing premium 100% grass-fed lamb to local retailers at a fair and stable price that is beneficial to both the lambers and customers. The collective follows strict guidelines for the care and feeding of animals that   ensures trust, transparency, and a higher quality of meat.

Meet our Grazing Partner: Umpqua Valley Lamb

Food you can trust. Naturally.

Lamb Whole Tenderloin

No Antibiotics, Hormones or Feedlots

Lamb Whole Tenderloin


Lamb Whole Tenderloin

American Grassfed Association

Lamb Whole Tenderloin

Certified B Corporation


Frequently Asked Questions about Grass-fed Lamb

1What does grass-fed lamb taste like?
Grass-fed lamb has a delicate, earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness from the natural grasses and herbs the animal consumes. It is tender and succulent, yet slightly chewy, which is a result of the animal’s active upbringing in open pastures. The taste is fresh, memorable, and reminiscent of springtime, which is typically when lamb is in season.
2Are there health benefits to eating grass-fed lamb?
Grass-fed lamb has some potential health benefits as it tends to be more nutrient-rich, with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E. It generally has a lower fat content and a healthier fat profile compared to grain-fed lamb. Choosing grass-fed lamb means reducing exposure to hormones and antibiotics often used in conventional production. While individual dietary needs may vary, incorporating grass-fed lamb into a balanced diet can be a healthy choice for some.
3How is your lamb prepared and packaged?
The meat is cut and vacuum packed in see-through packages. This airless environment ensures high quality and a long shelf life in your freezer. The USDA does not put a shelf life on flash frozen vacuum sealed meat. However for the highest quality flavor we suggest it be finished in 1 year. To thaw your lamb after freezing, we recommend placing it in the refrigerator overnight to allow the meat to slowly unfreeze. A one pound package will take approximately 20-24 hours to thaw this way.

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Lamb Whole Tenderloin
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