Our farm-raised, naturally-grazed elk meat is lean, tender and full of flavor. Order our elk meat online today and taste the difference quality makes.


Our elk meat is from farm-raised animals that are free to forage as they would naturally, eating a combination of native grasses, wild grains, bark and berries. The result is a lean, tender meat with a flavor and texture similar to that of wild elk. They are never given grains, hormones, or antibiotics — nor do they spend any time in a feedlot.

Farm raised in Minnesota.

Farm-raised in the fields of Minnesota, our Elk are free to forage as they would naturally, eating a combination of native grasses, shrubs, leaves, wild grains, bark and berries. This results in elk meat that is tender and lean with a rich, slightly sweet flavor.

Food you can trust. Naturally.

Elk Stew Meat

No Antibiotics, Hormones or Feedlots

Elk Stew Meat

Farm Raised

Elk Stew Meat

Naturally Grazed

Elk Stew Meat

Certified B Corporation


Frequently Asked Questions about Elk Meat

1What does elk meat taste like?
Elk meat has a distinct and robust flavor profile that truly sets it apart from meats like beef and pork. Depending on the natural diet of the animals, the meat can have a subtle sweetness to it, which, combined with the more savory, earthy notes, adds a unique depth to the flavor. The texture of elk meat is tender, lean, and remarkably succulent. The taste of elk meat is often compared to that of venison, but the flavor of elk is slightly milder, making it more accessible to many people.
2Are there health benefits to eating naturally grazed elk?
Eating naturally grazed elk meat has numerous health benefits. It is a lean source of protein that has a much lower fat content than standard grain-fed beef or pork. Elk meat is also very rich in essential amino acids, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 — these can all help support healthy muscle growth, immune function, and red blood cell production. Naturally grazed elk meat also contains higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, known for their anti-inflammatory properties and heart health benefits. Our naturally grazed elk meat is also free from antibiotics and added hormones.
3How is your elk meat prepared and packaged?
The meat is cut and vacuum packed in see-through packages. This airless environment ensures high quality and a long shelf life in your freezer. The USDA does not put a shelf life on flash frozen vacuum sealed meat. However for the highest quality flavor we suggest it be finished in 1 year. To thaw your elk meat after freezing, we recommend placing it in the refrigerator overnight to allow the meat to slowly unfreeze. A one pound package will take approximately 20-24 hours to thaw this way.

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Elk Stew Meat
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