bison burger

Bison Burger with Portobello “Bun”

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By Allison Hagendorf, Author

I’m a burger kind of girl…which is why when I make my own burger, I opt for the highest quality, healthiest version there is.

I’m talking supermeat, grass-fed bison. Why? When compared to beef, grass-fed bison is leaner, lower in cholesterol, and higher in protein, iron, and Omega-3.  I get mine online from The Honest Bison, because I trust they have the cleanest. leanest bison. No grains. No hormones. No feedlots. Just the best.

THEN, I sandwich mine in between two grilled portobello mushroom caps, throw on my grilled onions, Fit To Feast tomatillo avocado salsa, a little pico de gallo, and let the games begin.

This is as good as it gets, my friends.

Here’s what you’ll need for the burger:

  • 16oz grass-fed bison
  • one large egg
  • two portobello mushroom caps (Trader Joe’s has them)
  • one large onion
  • pico de gallo
  • coconut oil


Here’s what you’ll need for my Fit To Feast tomatillo avocado salsa:

  • raw tomatillo peppers
  • avocado
  • jalapeño pepper
  • lemon juice
  • onion
  • salt and pepper to taste


avocado salsa

Slice an onion into rings and sauté in coconut oil. While this is sautéing, beat a large or jumbo egg and massage it into the 16 ounces of grass-fed bison. Salt and pepper as you like. Roll into patties (3 or 4 depending on how big you like your burger) and throw on skillet or grill sprayed with coconut oil along with the portobello mushroom caps.

While pan-frying or grilling, get your sauce going. Toss all ingredients into a food processor. The amounts are all to taste, so feel free to trial and error it. Every permutation is delicious. I grill my onions, but you could also throw them in raw as well.

Once the burger and ‘bello buns are done, construct your bison bad boy. Throw your sauce, grilled onions, and pico de gallo on top and have at it. Enjoy!!!