Yummly just got even yummier! (And healthier.)

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It’s official! We’re on Yummly.

We first heard about Yummly a couple of years back while we were busy being inspired at Hack//Meat Silcon Valley. They were one of the key sponsors and as an online business, we were trying to learn everything we could about how technology could not only help educate people about the benefits of grassfed bison but actually help them get it!


Now Yummly is one of the biggest, most robust recipe apps on the internet. And guess what? All of our delicious recipes are on it, making it easy for you to get inspired to cook bison in new and interesting ways. Now when you see a recipe on our blog, all you have to do is click the little orange “Yum” button and it will save to your Yummly account. And when you share your own unique recipes with us, they’ll go up there, too! It’s win-win for everyone – especially your stomach!


Here’s why Yummly is your BBF in the kitchen:

Find the perfect recipe.

Use the search filters quickly find the best recipe for the occasion including nutrition plan, taste, ethnic cuisine, cooking time, and even allergies.

Discover recipes just for you.

Set up an account and add your taste preferences. The site will recommend recipes you are most likely going to love! As with most learning apps, the more you click the Yum button, the better the recommendations will get.

Save and share your favorite recipes.

With over a million recipes from all over the web, the Yummly interface makes it easy to search, share and save your favorite recipes. Sharing is also super-simple when you connect your Facebook account to Yummly.

Organize your recipes into collections.

Organize your recipes into many different categories for easy retrieval when you’re ready to shop and cook.

See what you can cook right now.

Don’t have time to shop? Yummly let’s you find recipes with ingredients you have in your kitchen…like right now. Sweet. And key for avoiding “Hangry” attacks.

But what if I really need to go to the grocery store?

With the Yummly app you have everything in the palm of your hand. The recipes AND the shopping the list.

Add your favorite recipes.

Ok, so you threw a bunch of ingredients together, cooked, grilled, fried, or even sous vide something incredible. Don’t keep it to yourself, share the culinary magic by adding your own recipe. The food gods will smile upon you.

Sign up. (It’s free!)

We will be sharing all of our recipes on Yummly many of which will be created by some talented chefs. This app will help you and your family discover new things to cook and eat. And lastly, sharing your bison recipe with us will get you published on our feed!

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