bison kabobs

Grill Up An Epic 4th of July BBQ!

There’s no better way to celebrate America’s 241st birthday than by inviting some good friends over and firing up the old grill! As the recently-named national mammal of our great country, bison is the perfect meat to complement your Independence Day festivities. Before you start lighting those fireworks, check out our handy guide to host the best 4th of July BBQ yet!

1. Plan your menu

When it comes to planning your menu, there are two key things to keep in mind: Who’s coming and the type of event you’re having. Will there be kids at your BBQ or will your bash be adults only? Will it be a proper sit-down meal or will people nibble all day? Will it be potluck-style or are you providing all the food? Do you know if anyone has any allergies or dietary restrictions? Don’t just think about the burgersbrats, and steaks on the grill. Think about the sides, snacks, desserts, and beverages, too. Planning your menu in advance will ensure a deliciously smooth day for everyone!

2. Know your grill numbers

Since grassfed bison is naturally leaner than beef, it requires less cooking time at a lower temperature than you’d normally use for beef. If you’re newer to grilling bison, check out these handy tips for cooking grassfed bison and when in doubt, use a meat thermometer to reach your desired temperature:

Rare: 110-120 degrees
Medium Rare: 121-125 degrees
Medium: 126-130 degrees

3. Keep things cool

Make sure you keep your meat in the fridge or in a cooler until you’re ready to grill it. Don’t leave cooked foods – especially meat or dairy –  out in the sun too long. If people will be coming and going all day, try to cook in batches so food isn’t left out. If it’s a hot day, make sure people are staying hydrated. Pitchers of ice water are an easy and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles. Add fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs for a refreshing summer twist!

4. Stock up on suncreen

If you’re going to be out in the sun all day, don’t forget the sunscreen! Make sure to apply some before your guests arrive since you’ll most likely be too busy to remember once the fun starts. Leave a few bottles handy outside to remind your guests to reapply as well!

5. Rock on!

Last but not least, no party is complete without some tunes! Create custom playlists ahead of time that will help set the vibe for your event. Have different ones for different times of the day and encourage your guests to make some, too. Here’s a list of some awesome “America” songs to get you started.  Now get out there and have an epic (and safe) Fourth of July!