Sean and bison

Invest in the future of The Honest Bison.

Community lending for small businesses.

Some of you may remember a little investment campaign we ran last year through Kiva Zip. It was extremely successful and we raised the $5,000 we needed almost immediately, thanks to our supportive community. That loan was used to purchase more animals so we could continue to provide you and your families with delicious, healthy bison.

Well, we’ve repaid that loan (Kiva Zip is a community-based, small business loan platform, NOT a charity) and we’re hoping that you might be willing to invest in the future of The Honest Bison (and a healthy food industry) once again.


What do we need a loan for?

Good question – and the first one every smart lender should ask. As you know, starting and running a small business is hard. And growing it is even more challenging. This second loan is for $10,000 and the money raised will go towards:

  1. Increasing our stock of animals.
  2. New labels + packaging that will allow us to expand distribution into select retailers.
  3. Strategic marketing campaigns to educate the public on the benefits (and taste) of the WHOLE animal so nothing goes to waste.

$10,000 is a lot of money to ask one person to loan us, which is why we’re asking all of you to help us out with just a small amount…like $25. That’s about the same as you might pay for a good steak at a restaurant (minus the wine, of course). But instead of eating that steak now, you’re investing in lots of steaks for the future. Of course, if you want to loan us more, we won’t say no. Remember, this isn’t a donation, it’s a loan that will be paid back fully over time.

For more information about our campaign or to contribute to this loan, please click HERE.

For more information about how Kiva Zip works, please click here. 

Most importantly, thank you. For being part of our community. For reading this. And for even considering lending us a hand. (Or a couple of your hard-earned dollars.) Without you, The Honest Bison would never have become a reality



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