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September Whole30: Let’s Do This!

Welcome to week one of your September Whole30! While technically, you can start a Whole30 any day of the year, we love the symbolism of this month in particular. The seasons are changing, the kids are back in school, and schedules are returning to their normal routine. It’s a great time to rest your system before heading into the madness of the holiday season!  Whether this is your first-ever Whole30 or your tenth, everyone one can benefit from this kind of a reset. 

Whole30 is a 30-day elimination protocol that focuses on eating real, whole foods while eliminating inflammatory foods (i.e. legumes, grains, gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol). Sigh. Yes, alcohol. Believe us, it’s totally worth it! Whole30 has been known to “cure” many lifestyle ailments including allergies, arthritis, joint pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and more.

Let’s do this together.

One of the best parts about Whole30 is the community support. There are quite literally thousands of people around the world doing this with you, not to mention all the helpful resources and recipes that exist. So even if you couldn’t convince your family or friends to come along for the ride (this time), you’ve got the support of the entire community – including us.  As a Whole30 approved brand (more on what that means below), we’re offering Whole30’ers a special promotion for the month of September to help you stay on track:

Special Whole30 Promotion: Spend $150 or more in our Honest Bison store and receive 2 FREE 7 ounce New York Strip Steaks. (That’s a $30 value!) Bonus: This offer is good until September 30th, so order as many times as you want.  Use promo code Whole30BisonSteak at checkout to redeem.

We’ll also be giving away 2 of our Taster Boxes on the @Whole30Approved Instagram account (1 Taster box per winner, 2 winners total). Follow @Whole30Approved on Instagram right now so you don’t miss out! They’ll be having some amazing giveaways all month long.

What does it mean to be a Whole30 approved brand?

Being a Whole30 Approved brand means our company and our products are 100% compliant with the Whole30 Program rules and brand requirements. Translation: We already put in the hard work, so you don’t have to! Looking to Whole30 Approved brands for support during your journey helps take some of the pressure off you. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you can eat something – If you see the Whole30 approved logo then you know you can eat it. We’re proud to be a Whole30 approved brand and believe everyone should have access to food they can trust.  Bottom line: If we wouldn’t feed it to our families, we wouldn’t feed it to you either.

Our top Whole30 tips:

Set yourself up for a successful #SeptemberWhole30 with these helpful tips from our team: 

Read the Rules: Whether this is your first Whole30 or your fourth, make sure you review the Whole30 Program rules so you know which foods are Whole30 approved and what foods to avoid.

Recipe Research: Avoid meal boredom by planning your meals ahead of time with some fun and delicious recipes.

Clean Out the Kitchen: Clean out your kitchen cabinets, pantry, and even your secret spot where you keep leftover Halloween candy. Avoid temptation by ditching the junk food before the cravings hit. 

Stock Up: Now that your kitchen is free from offending foods (doesn’t that feel good), it’s time to restock with Whole30 approved foods and snacks. Remember to use the promo code Whole30BisonSteak when placing your Honest Bison order!

Get Social: Start following Whole30 approved accounts and Whole30 brands that will ultimately motivate and inspire you to crush your September Whole30. Some of our favorites include @Whole30 , @Whole30Approved and @Whole30Recipes

Looking for more tips on how to prepare for the September Whole30? We’ve got your back.