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7 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season

It may be the holiday season, but there’s no need to let that derail your healthy habits. Here are seven tips for maintaining your healthy lifestyle through the hectic holidays.

1. Get Plenty of Zzz’s

This may seem obvious, but the holiday hype can leave you feeling drained. Instead of picking up the wrapping paper at 10 pm, pick up your pillow instead. Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself first you have anything left to give others and the holiday season is all about giving –  including to yourself, so get some sleep!

2. Hydrate

Cheers! Between champagne toasts and cocktail parties, there’s a lot of libations to choose from during the holidays. We’d never tell you to say no to a glass of your favorite holiday cheer, but don’t forget to rehydrate! Grab a glass of water between cocktails. Trust us, your body will thank you later.

3. Heal Your Gut

Before the holiday merriment, stock up on soothing bone broth. The collagen found in bone broth is extremely healing for your body’s cells, especially your digestive track. Try this recipe or save yourself some time and check out our handcrafted bison bone broth.

4. Snack Smart

To avoid mindless munching at holiday parties, eat a small, healthy meal before heading out and then try not to stand directly in front of the snack table. Most people eat food just because it’s there, so make sure you are genuinely hungry before filling up your plate.

5. Make Time to Move

During the holiday whirlwind, it can be hard to find the time to workout but remember, a workout doesn’t always have to be a full hour. If you simply can’t find time to make it to the gym, then find any way you can to move. Go for a walk with family members, do a quick workout in your hotel room, or shovel the driveway! Just do what you can, when you can! Here are some easy ways to sneak in a workout this holiday season.

6. Save Room for Dessert

Finally, a rule you can get behind! If you can’t help but indulge in grandma’s famous pie, don’t! Instead, balance it out by eating fewer carbs at dinner. Skip the bread basket and take one scoop of mom’s mashed potatoes instead of two, that way you will have plenty of room for your favorite holiday treats.

7. Slow Down

The holiday hype can make you wish it was January 2nd, but, remember to take the time to really enjoy the season. Schedule a hot chocolate date with friends, bake Christmas cookies with the kids, and volunteer around your local community. The holidays only come around once a year, so slow down.

Health and happiness can exist simultaneously during the holidays as long as you focus on being aware of your choices. Don’t restrict yourself so much you feel like you missed out, but don’t go overboard just because it’s the holidays.