Rosemary & Garlic Bison Pot Roast

Serves: 6
Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 8-12 hours
Method: Slow Cooker

Who says a good meal has to be complicated? This super-simple yet elegant bison pot roast recipe by the talented Grace Brinton elevates any meal to special-occasion status. Try it out this holiday season or anytime you feel like impressing your friends and family with a special dish.

Recipe & Photography by Grace Brinton. Be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Rosemary & Garlic Bison Pot Roast Recipe: 


    • 3 Tbl Ghee
    • 2 Carrots
    • 1 Medium Yellow Onion
    • 3 Celery Ribs
    • 3 Cloves Garlic
    • 3 Cups Water
    • ¾ tsp Salt
    • ½ tsp Black Pepper
  • 1 tsp Fresh Chopped Rosemary

*This recipe serves 6 people


1.) Heat 1 Tbl ghee in a large oven-safe pot or dutch oven over medium heat.

2.) Sprinkle bison with ½ tsp salt.

3.) When pot is hot, sear the bison on each side until well-browned and no longer sticks to pan.

4.) Remove bison from pot, set aside.

5.) Add remaining ghee to the pot, then add onions and sauté 5 minutes.

6.) Add 1 cup broth to deglaze the pan.

7.) At this point, if using a slow cooker: Transfer the contents of the pot and all remaining ingredients into the slow cooker, along with the bison. Nestle bison into the liquid. Set on low and cook for about 8-12 hours, until fork tender. I cooked mine overnight in the slow cooker, about 12 hours.

8.) If you are braising on stovetop: Add carrots, celery, and garlic to the pot with the onion, sauté 1 minute, then add remaining ingredients and bison. Nestle bison into the liquid. Cover with the lid and braise over the lowest heat setting until tender, about 3-4 hours.

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