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New Year, New Whole30!

Welcome to the first day of 2018 and the first day of the January Whole30!

Now that the New Year has officially started, it’s time to get started on all those good intentions, resolutions and goals you set last night. You’re already on it right? Just teasing. It’s totally ok to ease into the year at your own pace. In fact, our biggest goal this year is to keep things simple. Rather than make big resolutions or overwhelming life overhauls, our focus will be on one guiding principle – to be better to ourselves and to each other. It sounds simple but includes everything from the food we eat to how we treat those around us to how we respect our animals, planet and natural resources. It also includes how we can better support our customers on their individual journeys. One way we’re doing that is by continuing to partner with Whole30 as both a Whole30 participant (we’ve lost count of how many Whole30’s we’ve done!) and as an official Whole30 Approved food partner. 

And guess what? Today is the first day of the #JanuaryWhole30! Woo hoo!

A brief intro to Whole30.

The Whole30 is a short-term, nutrition reset designed to change the way you eat in 30 days. Certain foods like legumes, grains (even gluten-free grains), dairy, gluten, sugar, and alcohol can cause inflammation, digestion problems and even unhealthy cravings. By eliminating these foods for 30 consecutive days, you are resetting your entire system creating a foundation for a healthier, happier life.

Why Should I do the January Whole30?

Participating in a Whole30 can be life-changing. It can change the way you think about food, your taste preferences, and even your unhealthy habits and food cravings. Not to mention, by the end of the 30 days, most participants both see and feel a marked difference in their health. The Whole30 has been known to help people lose weight (without counting calories!), raise energy levels, improve sleep, increase focus and mental clarity, and boost overall mood. Bottom line, doing a Whole30 is life-altering.

How Do I Start a Whole30?

Deciding you want to participate in a Whole30 is the first step, so you’re already on the right track! There is no official “sign up” required, but we recommend joining Whole30’s official newsletter, Wholesomeand familiarizing yourself with the official Whole30 Program rules. You can also follow on your favorite social media platforms and follow approved accounts like @Whole30 , @Whole30Approved and @Whole30Recipes.

And make sure you follow us @thehonestbison because we’ll be bringing you some great recipes, special promotions, and even a giveaway or two to keep you motivated and well-fed on this journey!

Let’s Do This!

Whether you’re a Whole30 veteran or are participating for the very first time, we’re in this together! Check out a few of our blogs from the #SeptemberWhole30 to help you prepare for the month ahead and remember, you’ve got this. Let’s do it!

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