Dos & Don’ts of cooking Bison and Elk steaks

Have you ever bought a Bison or Elk steak, excitedly thrown it on the grill and then been dissapointed by the way it turned out? You’re not alone. This happens to many people cooking Bison or Elk for the first time and they usually think it’s the meat — “gamey” or “tough” are typical comments. But Bison and Elk are actually incredibly tender and juicy meats — when they are cooked correctly. So if you’re new to cooking Bison or Elk steaks (or even if you’re not), chances are, it had more to do with how you cooked it, than the actual meat itself. Bison and Elk are much leaner than beef and, while this gives the meat an extraordinary nutritional profile and flavor, it’s much different to cook than beef. That doesn’t mean it’s complicated — there are just a few key Dos and Don’ts of cooking Bison and Elk steaks.

Check out this great video from Mr. Ninja at Salty Tales. He shows you exactly what to do — and what not to do — when cooking our Bison and Elk steaks. And while it pains us to see such good steaks get overcooked on purpose, it’s worth the sacrifice to help make sure you know how to cook your Bison and Elk steaks perfectly!

What you’ll learn in this video

  • Why cooking Bison and Elk is different than cooking beef
  • The best cooking temperatures and times for Bison and Elk steak
  • Different methods for cooking your Bison and Elk Steaks
  • What NOT to do while you’re cooking your Bison and Elk steaks
  • What classic seasonings bring out the flavor of Bison and Elk steaks the most

Watch the video

Mr. Ninja from Salty Tales tells us everything he knows about cooking Bison & Elk steaks — including what NOT to do.

Hungry? Us too. Pick up a few tasty steaks of your own and put your new-found knowledge on how to cook Bison and Elk steaks like a pro to good use!

About Salty Tales

Salty Tales Cooking, hosted by Mr Ninja and his wife Mrs Ninja, is all about easy and fun recipes, experiments and Latin food with a family oriented prospective! They smoke, grill, fry and try pretty much every method of cooking with all kinds of delicious foods and meats from Steaks, Picanha, Briskets, Ribs to Pizza, Breads and Authentic Latin Recipes. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, they cook it all from pork, beef, chicken and turkey to wild game like bison, elk, venison to even wilder meats like alligator! All their recipes have a Latin touch to make those flavors pop even more.