Sean Lenihan

Welcome to The Honest Bison.

Bison, just like humans, are naturally curious creatures. When encountering something (or someone!) new, they tend to approach cautiously but with interest until they figure out the situation. Which is probably how you’re approaching your visit to our site. Well, we’re excited that you were curious enough to stop by. Hopefully, your curiosity will lead you to try some of our delicious, 100% grass fed bison. But we understand that you may want to get to know us just a little bit more first. So here’s a little bit about who we are, why we exist and what we stand for—aside from the most amazing melt-in-your-mouth meat ever, that is.

The Honest Bison is a 100% grass fed bison distributor. And when we say 100%, that’s exactly what we mean. No grains. No feedlots. No hormones. Ever. Our bison are raised in open fields where they are free to graze, frolic and play all year round. But our goal is bigger than just selling meat. We’re trying to positively affect the meat industry as a whole and bring some much-needed transparency and integrity to the whole process, hence our name.

The company was born out of the desire to provide people with a food source that they could truly trust and a process so simple, it can hardly be called a process. Our bison are raised, slaughtered and processed all at the same location and by the same people. Which means that there are no mysteries, nameless entities or secrets. You want to see what happens on the ranch? We can make that happen. (More to come on this later but for now you can read about the ranch here.)

So why grass fed bison? Why NOT grass fed bison? There are so many things that make bison meat better for you than pretty much any other protein source out there. It’s leaner, lower in cholesterol, contains more iron and has a higher ratio of healthy fatty acids like Omega-3. Did we mention it’s also delicious? Like mouth-watering, can’t-get-enough, we’re-not-kidding delicious. (Already hungry? Get yourself some bison now!)

There’s a lot more to our story and what we’ve got cooking (literally) so stay tuned for recipes, new products and more information than you can handle about bison and our plans to change the entire meat industry!