Sean Lenihan with bison pasture

Herd That: A Podcast About Sustainable Meat

Our friends over at Bavette Meat & Provisions just started an amazing new Podcast (or “Meatcast” as they fondly refer to it) about the sustainable meat industry called Herd That. And our founder Sean Lenihan was their guest for the inaugural episode!

Melissa and Sean held nothing back as they dove into the world of sustainable meat, covering Sean’s transition from the world of marketing to the wilds of bison ranching – and the factors that led him to make this radical change. They discuss everything from bison rearing, field slaughter, grassland conservation, and holistic management. They even get into the whole “bone broth” controversy and debate the idea of “local food.”

You can read more about the episode and listen to it here or download it from iTunes by searching for Herd That.

About Bavette Meat & Provisions: Bavette Meat & Provisions brings sustainable, pasture-raised, hand-cut meats directly to the Los Angeles community. They are currently located inside the New School of Cooking in Culver City.