Meet our Grazing Partner: Umpqua Valley Lamb

If you’ve purchased lamb through us before, you know that we haven’t had it in stock for quite some time now. It’s taken us some time to find a supplier that we trust enough to put our name on.  But, after quite a long search, we are beyond excited to introduce you to our newest Grazing Partner and trusted source for 100% grassfed lamb,  Umpqua Valley Lamb

Umpqua Valley Lamb is actually a collective of lambers in the Western Oregon region, most of whom have been lambing for generations. They work together to provide holistically raised, 100% grassfed lamb to select local retailers at a fair and stable price that is both beneficial to the lambers and to customers. To be considered for the collective, strict guidelines for the care and feeding of the animals must be met including: 

  • 100% grassfed from start to finish 
  • No feedlots – ever 
  • Animals are pasture-raised
  • No hormones or antibiotics ever — if antibiotics are required to treat an illness, that animal is pulled from the UVL stock
  • Trustworthy, consistent suppliers

Until now, Umpqua Valley Lamb has only been available in local Oregon stores and markets. The Honest Bison is honored to be their first nationwide, online distributor, giving regional ranchers access to a broader market and providing you with a trusted source for delicious, grassfed lamb.  

In their own words: The Umpqua Valley Lamb Philosophy

The partners of Umpqua Valley Lamb, including both producers and retail partners, care about animals and the environment. We are dedicated to environmentally sensitive practices in our pastures and water supplies, and to humane treatment of our animals. And we believe that the lambs we raise are not only healthier themselves but are part of a healthy diet for us. There is ample scientific evidence that the meat of livestock raised entirely in pastures is healthier for humans than that from animals that spend the last months of their lives in feedlots eating corn and other nutrients for which their digestive systems are not well-adapted.


We’re excited to bring their bestselling lamb to you and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Shop Umpqua Valley Lamb.