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Grillin’ Tips from The Grill Dads

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Grilled Steak: What Restaurants Do and Home Cooks Don’t By Mark Anderson & Ryan Fey, AKA “The Grill Dads.” Catch their show on The Food Network for more pro grilling tips.  We always get props from our dinner guests when we serve up grilled steaks, even getting compared to big-name, pricey steakhouses. It’s our second favorite compliment […]

Cooking Tips & Techniques

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One of the most common questions we get is about how to cook our bison, elk and venison. Since people are already familiar with most of the cuts from a lifetime of cooking beef, the assumption is that the cooking methods are also similar. The good news is that for the most part, they are! […]

Meet Wayne: Our Award-winning Processor.

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If you know anything about us, you know just how important our partnerships are to the success of our business and the end-quality of our products. Our relationship with Wayne Lautsbaugh from Crescent Meats is one of the most vital ones we have. As our meat processor, Wayne and his team (family, actually) are responsible for processing […]

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Give Thanks by Giving Back

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November 18th is National Family Volunteer Day and we can’t think of a better way to kick off the holiday season than giving back to your local community! Even better, make it a family affair. Volunteering as a family teaches children the importance of giving back and reminds everyone what the holiday season is all about. Here […]

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Let the Countdown to Thanksgiving Begin!

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there’s no better time to start planning your menu than right now. Whether you’re hosting a traditional family Thanksgiving feast or a raucous Friendsgiving, there are a lot of details that have to be accounted for. Lucky for you, we’ve created the ultimate Thanksgiving timeline for you to […]

Honest Bison at Food Loves Tech

Meet Us at Food Loves Tech!

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The Honest Bison is excited to be attending the Food Loves Tech (FLT) event this November in Industry City, Brooklyn. Not only are we going to be an exhibitor, our founder, Sean Lenihan, will be speaking on a panel highlighting sustainability efforts. What is Food Loves Tech? Food Loves Tech is an education-by-entertainment innovation expo […]

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September Whole30 Week #4: The Final Week

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Last call for our September Whole30 Promotion! Spend $150 or more in our store and receive 2 FREE 7 ounce New York Strip Steaks. Use promo code: Whole30BisonSteak to redeem. Ends 09.30.17. Welcome to the fourth and final week of the September Whole30! You’re almost over the finish line and you have a LOT to be proud of, but before you […]

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September Whole30: Week #3 – Halfway!

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Whole30 Promotion Reminder: Spend $150 or more in our store and receive 2 FREE 7 ounce New York Strip Steaks. Use promo code: Whole30BisonSteak to redeem. Ends 09.30.17. Welcome to week #3 of your September Whole30! You’re more than halfway there and the toughest days are behind you. Last week we went over some of the common feelings […]

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September Whole30: Week #2

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Whole30 Promotion Reminder: Spend $150 or more in our store and receive 2 FREE 7 ounce New York Strip Steaks. Use promo code: Whole30BisonSteak to redeem.  Welcome to week two of the #SeptemberWhole30! Congratulations on making it through the first (and probably the hardest) seven days of eating real, whole foods. So how do you feel? Chances are […]

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5 Easy Back-to-School Recipes

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Summer is winding down and fall is right around the corner, which means back to school and back to busy schedules. Between picking up the kids from school and dropping them off at after school activities and then helping them with their homework, when do you have time to make dinner? When life gets hectic, […]

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VIDEO: Meet the ranchers behind The Honest Bison.

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We believe everyone has the right to know exactly where their food comes from. Not the grocery store where it was purchased, but rather where it was picked, cooked, baked, sliced, steamed, roasted, grilled and packaged. Or in our case, where it was raised.   Think about it. Eating is one of the most important […]

why grassfed bison is better

VIDEO: What’s the big deal about grassfed bison?

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Good question. And one with a whole field’s worth of answers. There are so many reasons why we chose to provide our customers with grassfed bison only. To put it simply, it’s better for you, for the animals and for the planet. Obviously, there is a lot more to to the story than that, but […]

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Our Instagram herd is 10K strong and we’re celebrating with 10% off!

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It’s hard to believe that our little Instagram herd has gown so fast but it has – we officially hit 10K followers today and we couldn’t be more excited.   Words just didn’t seem enough to express our appreciation for your continued support so we decided to offer you all 10% off your next order […]

Honest Bison shipping

The skinny on shipping.

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  Alright, this is an important one. We get a lot of questions about our shipping policy. Probably the most important one is “Ugh. Why does shipping cost SO much?” Fair question. Especially in today’s day and age when Amazon seems to deliver everything instantaneously – and for almost nothing. Here’s the short answer: Shipping […]

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Welcome to The Honest Bison.

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Bison, just like humans, are naturally curious creatures. When encountering something (or someone!) new, they tend to approach cautiously but with interest until they figure out the situation. Which is probably how you’re approaching your visit to our site. Well, we’re excited that you were curious enough to stop by. Hopefully, your curiosity will lead […]