Our 2020 Commitments

With only hours left until the next decade begins, we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how we want to start both this year and the next ten. And, while we like the sentiment behind New Year’s Resolutions, that phrase always falls a little short for us. As though these are things you are resigned to do as opposed to things you’re passionate about achieving. And intentions sound nice, but far too passive because, like anything in life, actions mean more than words. So we’re going with commitments. These are our 2020 commitments.

These commitments not only align with our larger mission to help bring trust and transparency back to our collective tables, they also align with what you’ve told us you need from us moving forward. We’ll be updating you throughout the year on our progress and as usual, if you have any questions, want to know more about one of these commitments, or have a suggestion, we’d love to chat!

Commitment 1 – Sustainable Packaging

New vacuum-sealed bricks hitting the store in 2020. Sustainable shipping materials to follow.

We’ve heard from a lot of you that more sustainable packaging is something that you value very highly – and expect from us as a responsible company. And we couldn’t agree more. We’ve been actively looking into more sustainable shipping methods that will replace the styrofoam coolers we currently use with packaging that’s either compostable or recyclable. The reason it’s taken us so long to solve this puzzle is because, our first priority is making sure your meat arrives safely and still frozen. So part of our solutions will also include a major shipping upgrade to ensure your orders get to you faster – and with less breakage.

Commitment 2 – Animal Welfare Certification

grassfed bison is better
Our animals are free to roam and graze according to their natural tendencies.

We believe in treating both our planet and our animals with the utmost care and respect. Our animals have always been treated humanely and raised in ways that mimic their natural lifestyles. They are never put into feedlots but are instead free to roam in open fields and pastures. When the time comes to process them, that too, is done with respect and care towards their wellbeing. We never use added hormones or sub-therapeutic (unnecessary) antibiotics either.

As part of our 2020 commitments, we will pursue an animal welfare certification for our bison that is endorsed by the ASPCA as part of their “Shop With Your Heart” program by the end of the year. This is the first of several new certifications on our radar for the future so stay tuned for more on this later in the year!

Commitment 3 – More Curated Meats

One of our top-selling new additions this year. Stay tuned for 2020’s offerings!

In 2019 we added Naturally-Grazed Elk & Venison to our offerings and the response was overwhelming! We can hardly keep those two varieties in stock. If you liked those additions, you’ll really like what’s coming in 2020, because we’ve been hunting for more like-minded ranchers, farmers and grazing partners to help us bring an even wider selection of premium curated meats to your table. Want a hint? How do Grassfed Wagyu Beef, Naturally-Raised Pork, and Grassfed Lamb sound to start? Stay tuned for some of these additions to start hitting our store in early 2020.

Have questions or comments about our 2020 commitments? Got something you’d love for us to consider as we move forward? Simply want to hear more about the future or our company or the meat industry? We’d love to connect!