Truth, Transparency and Trust in the Meat Industry.

One of the reasons we exist in the first place is to help bring truth and transparency back to the food industry so people can really trust what they’re eating. I recently laid it all on the table with Food Heroes Podcast host, Katie Jones, covering important topics like:

  • The difference between buffalo and bison
  • Deception in labeling meat products
  • The importance of a proper diet (for your meat, that is)
  • Why animals are necessary for organic farming
  • Why eating meat indigenous to North America may or may not be good for the environment
  • Our emphasis on honesty instead of marketing trends
  • Why our pricing is based on nutritional value, not weight

Katie and I get into some really interesting discussions about these points and more. The bottom line is that we will always be transparent about what we’re doing and why so that you can make the right choices for you. And if you ever have questions or you want to discuss some of these topics (or others) in more detail, you can reach out to me directly.

Seriously. Here’s my contact info: 
[email protected]

-Sean Lenihan, Founder, The Honest Bison

Food Heroes Podcast: Ep. 026 – “Honesty and Transparency in the Meat Industry” with Sean Lenihan, Founder, The Honest Bison



More about Food Heroes Podcast: 

Food Heroes is a podcast that focuses on the people and business that are positively shaping the food industry, sharing the stories of people who are on a mission to do good and make food great. Learn more about Food Heroes and it’s wonderful host, Katie Jones, here.