Land to Market Verified Bison

Introducing Land-to-Market Verified Bison.

When we first started The Honest Bison, one of our primary goals was to respect and support the land that supports us. One of the main ways we accomplish this is by working with likeminded grazing partners who practice holistic or regenerative agriculture. Introducing Land to Market Verified Bison. This premium 100% grassfed and finished bison is raised on lands scientifically certified as regenerative by a third party.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture or regenerative ranching, as it’s sometimes referred to, is a specific way of tending to land and animals that helps naturally rebuild and replenish the richness of the soil for the future. To put it simply, it’s really about returning the land to the way it once was and following Mother Nature’s lead when it comes to tending it.

Some methods of regenerative agriculture include rotating animals from pasture to pasture to prevent the grasses from getting overeaten (thus depleting nutrients) and using the animals to tread and fertilize the fields naturally as they run and graze. This results in happier, healthier animals, more biodiversity, nutrient-rich soils and, ultimately, better-tasting meat that is better for us.

There are also some very important, larger environmental benefits of this regenerative approach such as carbon sequestering (pulling harmful CO2 from the air) and increased water absorption and retention in the soil (to better withstand flood or drought conditions), plant biodiversification and the reduced need for artificial fertilizers.

What does “Land to Market” Verified mean?

Good farmers and ranchers inherently know regenerative agriculture is beneficial but now, thanks to Savory Institute’s “Land to Market” verification program, there is some measurable scientific data behind it. This data can help both ranchers and consumers make better choices. The program monitors both short term and long term soil indicators such as live canopy abundance, living organisms, dung decomposition, wind erosion, water erosion, and soil health.

All these things have an effect on the health of the soil, the plants and grasses that grow on it, the animals the eat it and, at the end of the day, our own health. As the only third-party certification to scientifically measure the ecological outcome of a ranch’s regenerative efforts, Land to Market Verification gives consumers even more insight into what they are eating – and more power to choose food that reflects their values and beliefs.

Our Land to Market Grazing Partner

All our Land to Market Verified Bison is currently raised on 777 Bison Ranch in South Dakota, a family-owned and operated ranch. They are 100% grassfed and finished and have been implementing regenerative (or holistic) ranching since the beginning. We’re grateful to be working with them and excited for you to try our new Land to Market Bison.

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