Elk Sirloin Steak

(21 customer reviews)

Lean and tasty, our Elk Sirloin Steaks need very little seasoning to bring out their natural flavor.

  • 6 oz cut
  • Rocky Mountain Elk species
  • Raised in Minnesota, USA

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Our naturally-grazed elk is a true treat with a rich, subtly sweet flavor and tender texture.

Farm raised in Minnesota

Farm-raised in the fields of Minnesota, our Elk are free to forage as they would naturally, eating a combination of native grasses, shrubs, leaves, wild grains, bark and berries. This results in elk meat that is tender and lean with a rich, slightly sweet flavor.

Grazing Location: Minnesota, USA

Food you can trust. Naturally.

Elk Sirloin Steak

No Antibiotics, Hormones or Feedlots

Elk Sirloin Steak

Regeneratively Raised

Elk Sirloin Steak

Naturally Grazed

Elk Sirloin Steak

Certified B Corporation

21 reviews for Elk Sirloin Steak

  1. Siggy Agena (verified owner)

    Great taste. Wife’s favorite.

  2. Joshua Farthing (verified owner)

    Great steak

  3. Eric Gaillant (verified owner)

    My kids favorite for steak sandwiches.

  4. Tamara Follette (verified owner)

    Very tasty.

  5. Jim (verified owner)

    Pretty good in a stew

  6. Walter Blyzniuk (verified owner)

    Great product heart could be cleaned a little more, Great group

  7. aaron young (verified owner)

    Tasted great.

  8. Monkey Vapors (verified owner)

    I cook Slow and Low at first (it’s thick) turn up too high for a Good Steer at the end fantastic meat

  9. Beverly Dabreau (verified owner)

    The best I have ever had

  10. NikkiM (verified owner)

    These steaks are mouth watering

  11. Silvio Aversano (verified owner)

    Great a bit expensive but nice

  12. Kelly OConnell (verified owner)

    Delicious and easy to cook. I pretty much just sear it with some olive oil and herbs and its fab

  13. Michael Carriere (verified owner)

    I’m extremely happy with my order of Elk meat. Can’t wait to order more.

  14. Richard Snortum (verified owner)

    It’s hard to beat the taste of elk cooked on the grill.

  15. Darian Nordgren (verified owner)

    Very goof & flavorful

  16. Neva Specht (verified owner)

    Love everything.

  17. Scott Sullivan (verified owner)

    Tender flavorful and delicious

  18. Jeffrey Sundvick (verified owner)

    These Bison are top notch, and im excited to order more when they are done. I’m not going back to beef

  19. Mark Peiler (verified owner)

    Excellent- my 14 yo son asks when we’re having it again

  20. Anthony Ramirez (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. Will order in the future!

  21. George Swingle (verified owner)

    Great lean tasty meat great on the grill lots of good tasty tender meat

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Elk Sirloin Steak
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