Half Rack of Lamb


A truly stunning cut that delivers a mild yet memorable taste and an impressive presentation, our Half Rack of Lamb is 100% grassfed and pasture-raised.  The rack is already “frenched” meaning the meat has been removed from the upper portion of the bones for a more dramatic visual presentation.

A Half Rack of lamb is between 1-1.5 lbs and may include 2-3 chops once cut. (May vary based on weight.) Looking for a larger portion? Check out our Full Rack of Lamb. 

Grazing Partner: Umpqua Valley Lamb, Western Oregon


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Our 100% grass-fed lamb is a true delicacy with a tender texture and a delicate, sweet flavor.


Pasture raised in Western Oregon.

Our grass-fed lamb comes from a collective of ranchers in the lush hills and valleys of Western Oregon. Known as Umpqua Valley Lamb, they are committed to providing premium 100% grass-fed lamb to local retailers at a fair and stable price that is beneficial to both the lambers and customers. The collective follows strict guidelines for the care and feeding of animals that   ensures trust, transparency, and a higher quality of meat.

Grazing Partner: Umqua Valley Lamb

Food you can trust. Naturally.

Half Rack of Lamb

No Antibiotics, Hormones or Feedlots

Half Rack of Lamb


Half Rack of Lamb

American Grassfed Association

Half Rack of Lamb

Certified B Corporation


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Half Rack of Lamb
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