The Difference Between Bison Brisket and Beef Brisket

If you’re a fan of Brisket then you know they can sometimes be tricky to get just right. Most people default to Beef Brisket simply because it’s familiar and more readily available. But if you want to elevate your Brisket game in every way possible, you should give Bison Brisket a try. It’s the same cut yet can be quite different from its beefy counterpart. For starters, it’s substantially leaner. While some people see this as a  negative, creative chefs, like Salty Tales, know that with a few simple tweaks to the cooking process, you can create an extremely tender, juicy Bison Brisket.

Check out this new video from Mr. Ninja at Salty Tales. He does a step-by-step comparison of Bison Brisket and Beef Brisket — and how to cook both of them — so you can see the difference between the two and understand how to accommodate for the variations. Watch until the end to see which one Ninja and Mrs.Ninja crown the “King of Brisket.” 


Can you tell which one is the Bison Brisket and which one is the Beef Brisket? Hint: Size has nothing to do with it!


What you’ll learn in this video

  • Which binder to use on your briskets
  • Which seasoning brings out the best flavor of the meat
  • Cooking tips, temperatures and times for Bison Brisket and Beef Brisket — and why should be different
  • How to compensate for the lack of fat in the Bison Brisket (hint: he uses our Bison Tallow
  • The differences in taste, texture, and tenderness between the Bison Brisket and the Beef Brisket

Watch the video

Mr. Ninja from Salty Tales does an epic side-by-side cookout with a Bison Brisket and a Beef Brisket.

Hungry? Us too. Pick up a Bison Brisket today and put your newfound knowledge to the test!

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