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Truth, Transparency and Trust in the Meat Industry.

Posted on March 27th, 2019 / Articles  Community / With 0 Comments

One of the reasons we exist in the first place is to help bring truth and transparency back to the food industry so people can really trust what they’re eating. I recently laid it all on the table with Food Heroes Podcast host, Katie Jones, covering important topics like: The difference between buffalo and bison Deception in labeling meat […]

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Give Thanks by Giving Back

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November 18th is National Family Volunteer Day and we can’t think of a better way to kick off the holiday season than giving back to your local community! Even better, make it a family affair. Volunteering as a family teaches children the importance of giving back and reminds everyone what the holiday season is all about. Here […]

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Herd That: A Podcast About Sustainable Meat

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Our friends over at Bavette Meat & Provisions just started an amazing new Podcast (or “Meatcast” as they fondly refer to it) about the sustainable meat industry called Herd That. And our founder Sean Lenihan was their guest for the inaugural episode! Melissa and Sean held nothing back as they dove into the world of […]

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A Modern Bison Primer, by Civil Eats

Posted on August 10th, 2016 / Articles  Holistic Management  Media / With 0 Comments

This traditional North American meat is not always what you think. By Caroline Abels on July 26, 2016 Not long ago, it was bison that dominated North America, reaching into the tens of millions, whereas beef cattle were relative newcomers, introduced by European settlers and minuscule in number. Today, those numbers have been flipped: there […]

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Going Whole30? We’ve got your back.

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A quick guide to starting (and staying) Whole30! With the Holidays almost behind us and the New Year about to start, our thoughts inevitably turn to what we can do better next year. And, thanks to recent indulgences, these often revolve around eating better and being more active. Whether you’re joining a Whole Life Challenge […]

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VIDEO: What’s the big deal about grassfed bison?

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Good question. And one with a whole field’s worth of answers. There are so many reasons why we chose to provide our customers with grassfed bison only. To put it simply, it’s better for you, for the animals and for the planet. Obviously, there is a lot more to to the story than that, but […]

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Welcome to The Honest Bison.

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Bison, just like humans, are naturally curious creatures. When encountering something (or someone!) new, they tend to approach cautiously but with interest until they figure out the situation. Which is probably how you’re approaching your visit to our site. Well, we’re excited that you were curious enough to stop by. Hopefully, your curiosity will lead […]