Rich in flavor, high in protein, and packed with nutrients, our grass-fed, regenerative bison meat is second to none. Order our bison meat online today and taste the difference quality makes.


Naturally grazed in open pastures, our Bison are free to roam and feast on wild grasses as they please. 100% grass fed from start to finish, they are never given grains, hormones, or antibiotics — nor do they spend any time in a feedlot. They are raised as close to their instinctual ways as possible.

Regeneratively raised in South Dakota.

We work closely with our Grazing Partners to ensure each and every animal is raised according to the highest possible standards. 

Our single-source Bison are raised by 777 Bison Ranch in South Dakota according to regenerative ranching practices that have been in their family for decades. These methods have been ecologically verified by the Savory Instituted to help rejuvenate the soil and support native flora and fauna. This results in a better life for the animals, a better future for our land, and better meat for you.

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Food you can trust. Naturally.

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Bison Testicles

No Antibiotics, Hormones or Feedlots

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Bison Testicles

Regeneratively Raised

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Bison Testicles

Audubon Certified

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Bison Testicles

Global Animal Partnership

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Bison Testicles

American Grassfed Association

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Bison Testicles

Certified B Corporation


Frequently Asked Questions about Bison Meat

1What does bison meat taste like?
If you're new to bison meat, here's what you can expect from your first taste. Bison meat has a rich, robust flavor that is often described as slightly sweet. It's similar to beef but with a subtle earthy taste. The flavor profile of bison meat can vary depending on factors such as the animal's diet and how and where it was raised. Grass-fed bison such as ours, tend to be on the sweeter side. As far as texture goes, Bison meat is tender, juicy, and almost velvety. It has a fine grain and is not overly marbled, especially when 100% grass fed, resulting in a satisfying, firm texture that lends itself well to a variety of cooking methods.
2Is bison meat good for you?
Bison meat is naturally leaner than other meats, making it lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories while still delivering a large amount of protein. It’s also higher in omega-3 fatty acids, which help support brain health and reduce inflammation. Grass-fed bison meat contains increased levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which may be associated with reduced body fat and improved metabolism. Additionally, it is rich in essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Overall, incorporating grass-fed bison meat into your diet is a great choice if you’re looking to add a lean, nutrient dense source of protein to your diet.
3How do you cook bison meat?
Bison meat can generally be cooked using the same methods you would use to cook beef, however, because grass-fed bison is much leaner, there are a few key differences: Cooking Tips 1. As a general guide, cook bison for 1/3 the time & temperature of beef. 2. Use a meat thermometer to avoid overcooking. 3. Let meat rest before cutting to seal in the juices. Cooking Temperatures for Bison Steak: Rare: 119-125 F Medium Rare: 125-130 F Medium 130-135 F *Temperatures will rise a few degrees while resting.

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Rocky Mountain Oysters – Bison Testicles
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